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Placing Of Professionals (POP) is a recruitment agency which genuinely understands the needs and desires of its clients and candidates. Our team of consultants has all personally worked within the marketing, IT, HR and Project Management industry in their previous careers – which enables the team to have a good insight into what it’s like being both candidate and client. We understand the consequences of a bad recruitment decision, as well as a good one.

We think deeply and creatively about our clients and our candidates, going beneath the surface to explore their identities and needs, and working closely with everyone involved to ensure the best and most productive outcomes for all.

We focus on the IT, Financial, Project Management, Manufacturing and Mining & Engineering Industries.

We not only specialize in recruitment, or Placement Of Professionals, but also the set-up of Project Offices.  Therefore, whether you are looking for general office assistance, top-notch technical talent, or highly qualified professionals, we assist in all areas and have a wide variety of available candidates on our data base. Our Placement fee is 10%. We also offer a Retainer Option for larger companies with enormous placement expenses. Please ask your consultant for details on this offer.

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